Let the professionals of AWG take care of your pond and fountain maintenance needs, keeping them beautiful and environmentally sound.

Pond Maintenance

  • Complete pond cleaning
  • Pump and filter cleaning or replacement if necessary
  • Examine pond liner for damage – repair liner when appropriate
  • Locate and repair leak(s) in existing pond liner
  • Recommendations for algae control
  • Scheduled maintenance programs available
  • Fertilization of plants
  • Replanting of existing pond plants
  • Introduction of pond fish
  • Complete analysis of water quality
  • Winterization of your pond-prep aquatic plants for the winter season, add winter specific chemicals, install netting to minimize debris accumulation and to deter possible predators

Consultation services:

Atlanta Water Gardens installed our fountain and have been incredibly responsive to every question and request. If I have a problem (even one I created) they come within hours to repair and keep the fountain running.
— Malinda K.
  • Design and build ponds
  • Install lighting to enhance aesthetic appeal of pond
  • Suggestions for minimizing water loss
  • Recommendations for appropriate aquatic plants for your particular pond location
  • Recommend filtration systems and ultraviolet systems

Fountain Maintenance

  • Debris removal and/or complete cleaning
  • Check pump operation – replace if faulty
  • Suggestions for minimizing water loss – fountain leveling and flow rate modification
  • Winterization of your fountain or drain, clean and install fountain cover